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These were the reasons

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Lesson Plan
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Labour History Project - 3 years ago
Lesson activities to accompany the DVD "These wer…
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Lesson Plan
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Labour History Project - 3 years ago
Lesson activities to accompany the DVD "These were the reasons” produced by Howie Smith which has been widely distributed at Workshops of the Labour History Project. The 10 chapters of the DVD explores the events and issues that shaped the labour movement in British Columbia throughout the 20th century. Additionally the film “explores the relationships of government and labour, and the role of unions in our society.” This is a unit created by the Labour History Project, a group of retired and current British Columbia teachers collaborating to develop a series of lesson plans, activities, and workshops focused on labour studies and labour history. See: http://www.labourheritagecentre.ca/education/lesson-plans/ for further information and release date for the on-line version of the DVD.
Social Studies
Labour History
Labour History
Working People
British Columbia
Industrial Workers of the World
Aboriginal People
First Nations
collective action
The Big Strike
coal mining
Vancouver Island
Ginger Goodwin
Strike breaking
On to Ottawa
Relief camps
Forest industry
40 hour work week
Equal pay
Hunger Marches
Health Workers
Charter of rights
Wage controls
Learning Standards
The materials address aspects of the key learning standards of the current social studies 10 and 11 curriculums. Critical thinking skills are applied throughout as well as research and writing skills as described in the “skills and processes of social studies”. Aspects of “Identity, Society and Culture” are addressed in the materials including gender roles, ethnicity and daily life as well the interactions of Aboriginal peoples in early Canada. For Social Studies 11 the development and impact of Canadian social policies and programs related to immigration, the welfare state, and minority rights are explored. Elements of the “Economy and Technology” learning outcomes are discussed in the examination of resource development and technological innovations. Relationships to the economic cycles with reference to the Great Depression and the labour movement in Canada are covered as well as descriptions of the roles of women in terms of social, political, and economic change in Canada For Social Studies 11 aspects of the Politics and Government learning outcomes are covered in explain how Canadians can effect change at the federal and provincial levels as well as the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Canadian Society. Additionally, aspects of the environmental impact and attitudes towards resource extraction are developed as they relate to the “Environment” learning outcome of the social Studies 10 IRP.
15-90 minutes
Date Created
Feb 16, 2015

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